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March 26, 2023

The manual confirmation or stamping of certificates of candidates who participated in the West Africa Senior School Certificate Examination between the years 1999 and the present has been discontinued by the West African Examinations Council.

According to a statement released by the council, this is because of the recently innovated WAEC Digital Certificate Platform, which was designed to provide a method that is both seamless and timely for making stakeholders’ candidates’ certificates available.

It was written as follows: “The West African Examinations Council Nigeria is pleased to inform institutions, organizations, agencies, embassies, and high commissions as well as the general public that the Council will no longer provide manual confirmation or stamping of certificates of candidates who sat the WASSCE from 1999 till date. This is because the Council has launched the WAEC Digital Certificate Platform for a seamless and timely mode of availing stakeholders of their candidates’ certificates.”

The statement went on to say that efforts were being made to expand the platform so that it could accommodate candidates from the year 1980, and that updates would be provided to the public as soon as they became available.


It stated that candidates are granted access to their original WAEC certificates, as well as the ability to download and share those certificates through the WAEC Digital Certificate Platform. Additionally, institutions and organizations are able to quickly and safely validate the candidates’ certificates. It is important to note that the certificates that can be accessed and shared via the platform are genuine and are derived directly from the WAEC database.

“We beg the various stakeholders and the general public to utilize the digital certificate platform that was developed to ease the bottlenecks that are associated with the manual access and confirmation system.”
It was also mentioned that the WAEC Digital Certificate Platform could be accessed online by going to the WAEC website, while the mobile version could be downloaded from the app stores for Android and iOS devices respectively.

“We would like to respectfully request that institutions, organizations, agencies, embassies, high commissions, and the like provide email addresses for the digital sharing, receiving, and verification of certificates. Additionally, it was requested that all parties involved please update their respective portals in order to make room for the sharing of the WAEC certificate.


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