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Winners Schools Colour Day is an annual Colour celebration that takes place from Monday, February 20th to Wednesday, February 22nd, 2023.

Adults and children both experience mood changes as a result of Colour. The relationship between Colour psychology and children’s learning and behaviour has received extensive research.

Can you envision a world without Colour? In no way! The world is made beautiful by the Colours that nature itself wears as a smile. Our Winners schools observed Colour Day with the aim of enhancing and reinforcing their visual perception of Colours.

Children engaged in painting, activities in a lively, vibrant, and high-spirited environment, glistening in various shades and tints of Colour and having a memorable learning experience.
They claim that mere Colour can

note the order of the dress code:

Play Pen and Pre-KG are to wear a Yellow T-shirt
Kg 1 to wear Red
Kg 2 to wear Blue
Basic 1 to wear Red
Basic 2 to wear Yellow
Basic 3 to wear Green
Basic 4 to wear Blue
Basic 5 to wear Red
JSS 1 and 2 are to wear Orange Colour.

We pride ourselves on being able to provide a happy, safe and inclusive environment in which children aged two and a half to five years old are encouraged to explore their potential!

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Jhon Copper

Our daughter attended RainTrees for 2.5 years, the hardest thing was leaving when it was time to move on to 'Big School'!. Kindori has such a lovely 'feel', it's friendly and welcoming.

Julia Angolie

My child loves learning, can think critically, and has an amazing educational base. Both kids are comfortable speaking in public and they have great memories with wonderful role models
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