Winners Schools Colour Day is an annual Colour celebration that takes place from Monday, February 20th to Wednesday, February 22nd, 2023.

Adults and children both experience mood changes as a result of Colour. The relationship between Colour psychology and children’s learning and behaviour has received extensive research.

Can you envision a world without Colour? In no way! The world is made beautiful by the Colours that nature itself wears as a smile. Our Winners schools observed Colour Day with the aim of enhancing and reinforcing their visual perception of Colours.

Children engaged in painting, activities in a lively, vibrant, and high-spirited environment, glistening in various shades and tints of Colour and having a memorable learning experience.
They claim that mere Colour can

note the order of the dress code:

Play Pen and Pre-KG are to wear a Yellow T-shirt
Kg 1 to wear Red
Kg 2 to wear Blue
Basic 1 to wear Red
Basic 2 to wear Yellow
Basic 3 to wear Green
Basic 4 to wear Blue
Basic 5 to wear Red
JSS 1 and 2 are to wear Orange Colour.